Woman making a presentation
Woman making a presentation

Giving a speech or making a presentation is never easy. There is an immediate pressure that comes with delivering it well. It could be a simple speech at a friend’s wedding or a presentation to a potential client. Whatever the situation may be, having and using a few tools and strategies before the presentation, can be a big help.

The good thing is that there has been a bit of research that has gone into the field of public speaking. And learning how to impress people from the stage can be achieved by applying simple tools. …

Electric Vehicle. Pixabay
Electric Vehicle. Pixabay
Electric vehicle. Pixabay

Popular electric vehicle(EV) producing companies have been in the news of late, mostly for their meteoric rise since their inception. One company, in particular, has propelled its leader into becoming one of the richest men on the planet. As more sectors continue to see the value in a green economy, a lot of inquisition has gone into what it would cost to produce more green products, systems, and infrastructure.

Many countries are already ahead of others in terms of adoption as the percentage of electric vehicles on the road. In Europe, for example, as of 2020, about 1% of cars…

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Pixabay

The emergence of ridesharing services and mobility as a service (maas) platforms, came alongside a new stream of reimagined transport technology. In large cities around the world, ridesharing and automated travelling have become engraved in the popular transport culture. This has availed everyday users access to a variety of technological services that were unprecedented a few years ago.

Now users can focus on any number of things without having to worry about organizing their commutes to work, to events or to meet with friends and family. …


The lockdown was a new experience for most people in this generation. Although they were under unfortunate circumstances, the lockdown period was the first stay-at-home days’ many people had in years.

Several professionals have found ways to efficiently work from home and have continued to thrive in stay-at-home work situations. On the other hand, many people have gone back into the full swing of things, with normal work and living situations resuming. …


In your driving experience, you probably really don’t think about your brakes that often. Driving at top speeds with a clear road ahead of you can be one of the best feelings in the world. However, if your brakes are not working in perfect condition, it could mar your experience in the most devastating way possible.

There are obvious warning signs as to when you should have your brakes checked by a professional like when the brake light on your dashboard comes on or when you begin to get the feeling that your takes longer to stop. …

Photo: William Reed Business Media

Running a business in today’s market has become increasingly dependent on technologies and system software. Keeping tabs on technological systems is a part of business management that has to take priority to ensure the smooth running of any business, be it a small enterprise or a major corporation.

The heavy shift towards remote work has also brought attention to the importance of efficiently running technology. Sub-standard systems are immediately highlighted when co-workers have to work from various locations.

In a lot of areas, legacy technology is becoming redundant and this can affect business overhead in the long run. If you…

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Your sleep directly affects every little thing you do. Sleep affects productivity, emotional balance, brain activity, creativity, vitality, metabolism, and even weight.

Your body needs a certain number of hours to complete its sleep cycles and anything less could lead to reduced inactivity and possible health risks. The number of hours needed usually varies from person to person depending on different factors, such as schedule, relationships, family, and social life.

So how much sleep do you need?

Let’s take a look.

You may have heard at some point that sleeping less means you have more time to work during the…

It took a while but most activities are now getting back to normal. A lot of industries were called into quick action as 2020 threw up various complications in the midst of the pandemic. Entrepreneurs were not left out of the storm.

Right now there are 582 million entrepreneurs around the world (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor), it’s safe to say that a number of them may be going through the confusion phase, as they seek to resume business activities. Businesses that survived 2020 had to restrategize and rethink the methods with which they offer their services.

Thinking on-your-feet will most definitely…


This is the end of another decade!!!

A digital and specifically a social media decade at that. We saw most of the social media platform we engage on come to life in this decade. We have had a digitized decade where everything is mostly captured and distributed across various platforms in minutes. We want to help you reminisce to a decade ago when you had aspirations and goals, probably looked very different from what and who you have become today.

And we would like you to share your decade story with us.

So let’s get into it…

We are counting…

Starting a business can be as well as lucrative as it is empowering. As it stands now, the future of the Nigerian job market does not look so promising and one of the solutions to the teeming problems of unemployment is entrepreneurship.

Starting a big business might seem unrealistic due to lack of capital and investments. Starting a medium scale business might also seem challenging due to lack of audience or other reasons but starting a small business is very much feasible. …


MAX is a mobility company that uses technology to make moto-taxis safe, affordable and accessible to underserved communities in Africa.

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