The Wonderful Life of a MAX Champion

Support and service when put together can have a tremendously positive effect on its beneficiaries. This is the realization at MAX, which is why premium support and service are offered to MAX champions in order to make them better drivers, better entrepreneurs and better individuals in general.

In Nigeria, shared transportation and ride-hailing has gradually become a mainstay of the transport industry. This is due in large part to the advent of new technologies, of which Max is fortunate to be one of the pioneers. At Max, we have dedicated ourselves towards transforming African transportation by placing a premium on the development of our vehicle drivers, who we fondly refer to as Champions.

This dedication is evident in our commitment to helping our champions get the best training possible, perform at high levels, advance their careers, and improve their lives in the process.

The rationale behind this stems from the fact that happy champions tend to deliver exceptional service. This is why we are working tirelessly in building the gold standard of what drivers can aspire to in our Champions.

The Benefits of Being a MAX Champion

When the MAX champion is happy, the Champion’s passenger is happy, and the riding experience is much better for both parties. This ideal situation is why MAX is dedicated to making sure Champions live happy lives. Now let’s talk about some of the benefits that can be available to you today when you decide to become a MAX Champion.

Vehicle Ownership Without Upfront Payment

When you decide to become a MAX Champion you can start riding one of the numerous vehicles available at MAX without any upfront payment or collateral. MAX operates a lease-to-own model, which means that you would only need to make payments periodically.

You would not be required to fill in large amounts of paperwork and you would not be charged hidden fees either.

Work Flexibility

You also get to work when you want. You can figure out what time works best for you and stick to it, so you can have time for other things you would like to pursue. It also means you would have the opportunity to spend quality time with your family.

Free World-Class Training

The MAX program encompasses adequate safety and driver skill development for Champions, with a focus on defensive driving, identifying and following traffic signs, adhering to speed limits, and customer service abilities necessary for passenger engagement.

This will assist in making you a better driver and ensuring your passengers’ safety. It also ultimately makes sure you have a wonderful time with customers on every ride.

Full-Time Support

All MAX Champions are offered full support whenever they need it. This means that whenever you’re going through any challenges, you can call any MAX representative and they’ll be there to help resolve the issue.

Free Health Care

Champions have to be healthy to perform at high levels. This is why MAX has collaborated with Health Management Organizations (HMOs) to give Champions comprehensive access to health care. Health Care services are also extended to immediate family members, so you’re not only improving your life, you’re improving the lives of your family members as well.

Free Vehicle Insurance and Maintenance

MAX also covers the cost of maintaining your vehicle as well as protection for the vehicle in case of loss or damage. You can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is always going to be in tip-top shape.

MAX Champions have full access to Premium Services and Support from MAX any time they need it. You can start taking steps toward becoming a top professional, advancing your career and living a healthy life on your terms.

Become a MAX Champion today.

MAX is a mobility company that uses technology to make moto-taxis safe, affordable and accessible to underserved communities in Africa.