MAX EV: The Road to Zero Emissions

Transportation is essential to the quality lifestyle Nigerians enjoy. Studies have shown that carbon emissions from combustion emitting engines contribute to climate change, which has serious effects on humans and the environment.

Air pollution caused by emissions from combustion engines is of immense primary concern in many metropolitan cities across the world. It’s high time individuals and businesses looked at future strategies that would help contribute to saving the planet. This is why Metro Africa Xpress (MAX) has been innovative in the area of electric mobility through its MAX E-series motorcycles (MAX EV).

These electric motorcycles are equally fast, smoother, safer and noiseless for the environment.

Our technology was achieved by removing combustion engine components of the motorcycle, then re-assembling other components, giving birth to the MAX E-series.

The MAX E-series offers an unprecedented environmental impact that will entirely replace combustion engines soon.

From an economic perspective, the MAX E-series is also cost-effective and more efficient compared with combustion engine motorcycles.

Across our locations and leveraging various ‘smart’ partnerships, charging and battery swapping infrastructure are being put in place. These solar-powered infrastructures will ensure drivers can charge their vehicles with ease, this includes in rural communities as well.

We consider this the right path forward in realizing a safer environment. An electric future that guarantees more nature/pocket-friendly, soundless, and comfortable mobility. MAX is a trailblazer in Africa’s moto-taxi space and is committed to its mission of consistently creating social impact across Africa.

MAX is a mobility company that uses technology to make moto-taxis safe, affordable and accessible to underserved communities in Africa.