Easiest Way to Obtain a Motorcycle Driver’s License in Nigeria

There’s always a bit of confusion when it’s comes to how to obtain a motorcycle license in Nigeria. A lot of people get confused about the difference between the National Driver’s License and the Rider’s Permit. Let’s clear that up.

The Rider’s Permit is a separate entity from the National Driver’s License (NDL). If you own a KeKe or a Motorcycle, you need a Rider’s Permit as well as a National Driver’s License (NDL) to operate your vehicle on Nigerian roads. It is important to have an NDL, as an NDL serves largely as a database collection for the authorities.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the step by step process of getting your rider’s license.

If you would like to apply for your license in person, you would need to go to the nearest license office to you. You can check out this list for an office near you. There you can pick up an application form.

To complete your application process, you would need to have the necessary documents, which include

  • A certificate from a driving school
  • A learner’s permit
  • A Birth Certificate
  • A valid National identity card
  • An eye test document

With these, you can procure an application form and fill in your details. These include your Personal Details(Name, Martial status, DOB, etc), Contact Details, License type, and other vital information. Be sure to go over your details after you have filled them to make sure your details are correct.

When you are done, you can then go on to pay your application fee. It is advisable to pay your fee directly to an approved bank and then bring back proof of payment to the license office. You can ask for a list from any officer in the office.

Once you have filled your form and your fee is paid, you can go in for your test. It is advisable to spend some time studying the road traffic rules before going in for your test. Once you have passed your test your biometric details will be captured by an officer.

You’ll be issued a temporary license which you can use freely before it expires. Typically, your temporary driver’s license is valid for two (2) to three (3) months before it expires. When your license is ready for pick up, you will be contacted. The typical wait time is two (2) months, so you can check back at the office if you haven’t been connected after this time.

Easiest Option

If you would like to get a headstart, apply online. This method is easier as it allows you to go through the initial process in the comfort of your home. You also need the necessary documents mentioned above, which you would be required to upload and/or submit at a processing centre. To complete your application, click this link.

Pay attention, you’ll be given two options. You need to select the Motor Cycle License option. You will go through four stages in your application.

Personal Details

Contact Details

Processing Center & Licence Type

Review & Pay

Take your time when filling in your details to make sure they are correct. You should select a processing centre close to you, to make the collection more convenient. Payment can be done online. You would need to print your proof of payment and take it to the processing centre.

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