5 Easy Things To Do Before a Speech or Presentation (Backed by Psychology)

Woman making a presentation

Giving a speech or making a presentation is never easy. There is an immediate pressure that comes with delivering it well. It could be a simple speech at a friend’s wedding or a presentation to a potential client. Whatever the situation may be, having and using a few tools and strategies before the presentation, can be a big help.

The good thing is that there has been a bit of research that has gone into the field of public speaking. And learning how to impress people from the stage can be achieved by applying simple tools. These are a few to really consider.

Simulate the bigger picture

The amount of effort we put into things and the overall success of any endeavour depends largely on the reason why we’re doing what we’re doing. Before going into a presentation, it’s positive to remind yourself of why you’re doing it. This will make you more involved in the process, which in turn means you’ll enjoy it more.

In most listener-speaker situations, we tend to look for leaders. If you are going to be the one speaking, naturally you are going to lead proceedings. When you assume the position, you prepare yourself to lead and the audience follows your lead. See yourself as the leader and the audience will trust you throughout the process.

Immediately feel the room

Just as a general rule, try to make the room of your presentation as comfortable as possible. This means that you have to go in and get a feel for the room before your presentation begins. If you need the lights to be adjusted or you need a glass of water close by, you should try to get these things in place. This will make you feel more relaxed throughout the process.


One of the most important things you need to do is practice. Practice your presentation as much as you can. Record yourself presenting or stand in front of a mirror while you do it. This will give you a boost of confidence, heading into the actual presentation.

Lastly, Picture it

One last thing you may not have thought of but can be really helpful is, visualizing a successful presentation. That mental picture of the audience enjoying the presentation, as well as you, enjoying yourself, is all the same to your brain, it can’t tell the difference if the imagery is strong enough. Your confidence levels can skyrocket because, in your mind, you’re about to do exactly what you set out to do, which is wow your audience.

Getting into the zone of presentation comes from many factors, including what we surround ourselves with prior to the presentation. Before a big presentation or speech surround yourself with excellence in speech delivery. Watch videos of speeches or presentations you’ve enjoyed.

Talk to people who speak for a living, even if it’s in a religious setting. You can learn a lot from their wealth of knowledge, and before long you can have the same mindset as someone who makes wonderful presentations with ease.

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