4 Things We Secretly Miss About The Lockdown


The lockdown was a new experience for most people in this generation. Although they were under unfortunate circumstances, the lockdown period was the first stay-at-home days’ many people had in years.

Several professionals have found ways to efficiently work from home and have continued to thrive in stay-at-home work situations. On the other hand, many people have gone back into the full swing of things, with normal work and living situations resuming. The world is slowly getting back to the way it was before the lockdown and that’s a very positive thing, however, It is fair to say that there are a few things we loved about staying at home.

Low brain noise

During the lockdown, we only had a few things on our minds. Staying safe, getting living supplies and maybe doing a bit of work. This simple directive that was given by health agencies required little effort by the citizenry. We were asked to sit home and chill.

Getting fat

The lockdown gave us a bit of a break from working on our physique. There were no outings, and as a result, there was little need for intensive workouts. The knowledge of the coming days gave us hope. We were going to resume strict eating and intensive workouts only when the lockdown was close to being over.

0 Traffic

People who live in busy urban cities appreciated this the most, all too grateful for the opportunity to cut down on road sitting traffic and get more things done. This was one major appeal the lockdown had.

Cheap Dates

During the lockdown, the popular Netflix and Chill mode of romance became the norm. As people were not allowed to go out to restaurants, they resorted to watching TV, digital programs and eating home-cooked meals on date nights. This was especially appealing to people who were looking to cut down on date costs. It is also one part of the lockdown dating that will certainly continue, at least once in a while.

The lockdown presented itself as a worldwide health necessity. Nonetheless, it was a welcome break from the typical hustle and bustle that was infused into daily life. Now that the lockdown is over and normal activity has resumed in most parts of the world, it seems most people haven’t forgotten what it felt like to stay home and relax. The only thing to do from now on is to remind ourselves to decompress every once in a while.

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